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Maitake, Coriolus Versicolor, PSP Coriolus Versicolor, Agaricus Blazei, Cordyceps, Reishi


Maitake Medicinal Mushroom Products. Maitake, Coriolus Versicolor, PSP Coriolus Versicolor, Agaricus Blazei, Cordyceps, Reishi Medicinal mushrooms have been used for health for several thousand years with excellent results. Medicinal Mushrooms have many healing qualities and are used as primary Cancer Nutrition overseas.


Mushrooms are packed with numerous vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that provide outstanding health benefits. Discover more about this emerging superfood.

Mushroom Research

Mushroom Facts

Mushroom Nutrition and other information

Maitake Gold 1200 - Good for those who have difficulty swallowing capsules!

1 oz - $43.95
2 oz - $81.52


Coriolus Super Strength

Fruit Body Cell Wall Extract
Min. 42% 1-4, 1-3 Protein-Bound Polysaccharide

90 Vcaps, 500 mg (40%) per cap - $50.95
150 Vcaps, 500 mg (40%) per cap - $84.95

2-3 caps, 2X daily. (Maximum dose: use no less that 3000 mg of extract per day with a minimum of 40% polysaccharide content.)

Coriolus Info
Coriolus More Info

Coriolus PSP

Cloud Mushroom


Intracellular Mycelium Extract
Cov 1 Strain - Polysaccharide-Peptide
Min. 28% Polysaccharide

90 Vcaps, 400 mg per cap - $25.95
150 Vcaps, 400 mg per cap - $40.98
1-2 caps, 3 X daily after meals

Agaricus Blazei Extract

Hot Water/Alcohol Extract
Min. 45% Polysaccharide

90 Vcaps, 400 mg per cap - $25.95
150 Vcaps, 400 mg per cap - $40.98
2-4 caps, 2X daily.

Cordyceps Sinensis Extract

Intra-cellular Mycelia Extract
30% beta glucan (polysaccharide)

90 Vcaps, 400 mg per cap - $25.95
150 Vcaps, 400 mg per cap - $40.98
2-4 caps, 2X daily


10-4 Extract
Min. 10% Polysaccharides, 4% Triterpenes

Reishi Super Strength - 90 Vcaps, 400 mg per cap- $26.95
Gano 161™ - 150 Vcaps, 400 mg per cap - $41.98
2-5 caps, 2X daily

Lions Main

Dehydrated Hot Water/Alcohol


30% beta glucan (polysaccharide)

90 Vcaps, 300 mg per cap - $25.95
150 Vcaps, 300 mg per cap - $40.98
2-4 caps, 2X daily

Tremella (Tremella fucifomis)

Tremella (Tremella fucifomis) Fruit Body 700 mg*, Tremella (Tremella fucifomis) 8:1

300 mg*, Maitake Mushroom (Grifola frondosa) Extract (TD-Fraction™, standardized to contain 10% active proteoglucan) 100 mg*, Vitamin C 80 mg (133% of Daily Value), Bioperine (from Piper nigrum) 5 mg*

90 V Caps, 300 mg - $25.95
150 V Caps, 300 mg - $41.65

Immune Builder

100% Hot Water Extract

Coriolus, Reishi, MaitakeGold®, Shiitake, Agaricus blazei. - This high-potency formula is the only medicinal mushroom combination product sold in North America that is made exclusively from hot water extracts.

90 Vcaps, 400 mg per cap - $42.95
150 Vcaps, 400 mg per cap - $65.98
2-8 caps daily, after meals

Chaga Extract

Chaga is a mushroom that grows in the forests of Northern Siberia and Northern Canada. Chaga is highly prized in Russian herbalism with the modern clinical research validating many of the health benefits described in the Russian sources.

90 VCaps, 400 mg - $25.95
150 VCaps, 400 mg - $40.98

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