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The Laws of Success!

There are powerful laws which you can implement in ALL aspects of your life to experience success. Remember, though, that success doesn't come INSTANTLY. Any farmer or gardener knows that you have to FIRST prepare the soil, THEN you have to plant the seeds. After this, you have to weed, water and cultivate your potential crop. Neglect any of these things throughout the "growing" cycle, and you experience little or no crop. IT IS IDENTICAL WITH HEALTH AND WEALTH.

    Obviously, applying the right laws in the WRONG direction doesn't make sense. The laws work in a specific "direction." That is, you can't take something that ISN'T based on truth or law, and apply the right laws to it and expect there to be good results. If you are starting out on the wrong road, how can you reach the proper destination? Be sure that you have looked carefully at what you want to achieve AND HOW you want to achieve it. If you accept HYPE as your biggest tool, then you are in for a disappointment because hype CAN'T be maintained, nor can it keep the truth from becoming known at some point. If you are in the wrong business or doing it with the wrong motives and intentions, then you have already doomed your success in the particular area you chose. Unless you have a strong conviction about the product and company, and really believe in them, AND HAVE PROVEN THAT WHAT IS BEING PROMOTED IS TRUE AND CAN BE BACKED UP BY RESEARCH, then you will miss your mark. If you can't do this, or run into vague answers or excuses, then you are being used and manipulated. If that is what you want, and are willing to stake your name and reputation on that, then you can expect similar results in your life.

    Education is vital in order for you to KNOW where you are going. The right goal, without knowing anything about it doesn't help you very much. You end up stumbling along TRYING, HOPING that something will "work out." If you are taking a trip, you make some plans on HOW to get where you want to go, especially if it is new territory. You don't take off without a map if you've never been to where you are going. Most people take this approach in their businesses and health. Having the right education, meaning you have researched the important points and now KNOW how to get where you are going because you are COMFORTABLE with the plan you have made. You aren't flying blind. You aren't fearful that you might make a wrong turn. YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING BECAUSE YOU HAVE PROVEN THE COURSE YOURSELF. Hype and stories can get you a little ways, but you can't bluff your way to the truth, any more than you could discover your way to the place you've never been without help. Would you rather depend on preparation for success, or upon luck and hope?

    Do your homework and don't be afraid to face difficult things. If you have strong beliefs, don't be afraid of what you might hear if you "look too hard" at these beliefs. Many times our own fear of having to change or admit we have been wrong, GUARANTEES that we will fail, sooner or later. We plan and support our own failure throughout our lives, when all the time we could have bit the bullet, have taken REALITY by the horns and ALLOWED the truth to take us to a better place. Instead, we take the EASY, COMFORTABLE PATH THAT EVERYONE ELSE HAS TRODDEN TO THE INEVITABLE GOAL OF FAILURE.

    In reality, failure is far more painful and a miserable way to exist. The initially DIFFICULT job of facing our own stubborn natures, our egos and our pride, is NOTHING compared to the suffering brought about by ignoring the truth in life. Being poor, sick and emotionally upset isn't life. We allow fear, pride and even ignorance to dictate our attitude all through life and we experience the results of this every day.

    Would you rather know the truth and work with it or ignore it and hope you can FORCE your way through life, working against law? What do you honestly believe will bring more success? Statistics tell us that MOST people believe that they can do their own thing, THEIR way, and experience good results nonetheless. Is this realistic thinking? Unless we are willing to face the truth and to accept help, we may as well plan on the kind of life we already have.

  3. DRIVE:
    What is one of our most destructive concepts? There are many, but an overriding one is the concept of "Quick Success." If you are honest with yourself, you will admit that this concept permeates our culture and thinking. We have been conditioned to think in terms of fast solutions. We look to drugs for IMMEDIATE relief of symptoms. We look to schemes to make the QUICK buck. We spend large sums of money to "WIN" our success. We want to be able to do EVERYTHING FAST and EASY. We have lost the drive to see things through to a conclusion. We don't want to invest the time to achieve success, so we waste our entire lives "hoping," "scheming," and drifting in the belief that "things will work out." Well, have they and DO they? Without the drive to back up the right goal and the right education, where do we end up?

    It involves a commitment, something that brings fear to many people. They fear failure, they fear what others might say, they conjure up every excuse they can to support their fear, and use it in their defense as to WHY they can't do this or that. Fear cripples us and will only provide a miserable life as its reward. Fear is learned and it CAN be conquered if we have the right ammunition.

    So we take off on our quest, our great goal, have the right education and the drive to get started. Suddenly, we hit a snag. We run into the unexpected, the roadblock. We suddenly see this huge mountain looming in front of us and we panic. We immediately get discouraged. We get mad at everyone around us and begin to blame everyone else. It MAY be someone's fault, but allowing it to stop you from your journey is foolish and wasteful. Resourcefulness is the ability to stay calm-headed, and to address the delay without a lot of emotional baggage. This is the point that could make or break your goal and your future. If you aren't committed enough, and believe enough in your previous preparation, then you could be stopped dead in your tracks. You have the choice to make the stand and move on, or go back to the beginning or worse yet, quit altogether.

    Re-evaluating our position can be GOOD. In fact, it is a good idea to be READY for such events, and to even take a little time to evaluate things along the way. This could eliminate a problem before it becomes too big. If "A" doesn't work, try "B." Virtually every delay we experience can be meet if we just apply our resources properly. Most of us have a lot more going for us then we might believe. This juncture can actually make us stronger and MORE determined to finish the course.

    Oftentimes we have some unrealistic expectations when we get involved with a new venture. Between the hope, the excitement of "making it," and the general attitude toward home businesses, we can be expecting "immediate" results and success. When it doesn't come according to our expectations, we get disappointed. Remember, having been brainwashed into thinking success can come fast, we naturally tend to expect it. What we have to do is to CONTINUE DOING WHAT WE HAVE BEEN DOING. Not everything we do in business will be 100% successful, BUT ALL of it does SOME good. If we persist in planting the seeds, it is only a matter of time before some of them will sprout and begin to grow. Would you rather depend on harvesting a crop from planting only a few seeds, or from planting a bushel of seed? Which do you believe has a greater chance of providing you with your expected harvest? That's a no-brainer, right? Then why do so many of us plant only a few seeds, expecting the world to come from it?

    Some seed, when it is planted ends up on infertile ground. It can't take root. All we can do is to do the best we can with what we have and as long as we continue "planting" our ideas, making contacts, doing every little thing we can in the course of our day, then we can BE SURE that there will be fruit that will come from some of it. I don't know how many times I have ,"planted" a seed in business, whether it is an ad, a phone call, an Email message, a card or letter, but I keep "planting" because NONE OF US KNOW WHERE A SEED MIGHT SPROUT AND END UP BEING A HUGE SUCCESS.

    If someone has prepared themselves, and we plant the seed in a professional and tactful way, desiring to really help this person, then we can probable succeed in doing so. However, many more people are so unprepared in life as to miss excellent opportunities that come their way. If the soil isn't prepared, the seed won't grow. So plant as much as you can. That ONE contact, that ONE, little ad, that one business card at the phone booth. They are very little things, but when you apply this LAW, you can be sure that there will be results. As long as we CONTINUE DOING THINGS, then we can EXPECT RESULTS to come from it. Persistence is being able to CONTINUE doing what you may not get great results from. The very nature of persistence assures you that SOME results will occur.

    There is some overlap to these "laws," but on the other hand, they are different. You can continue with all the above laws but if you don't apply PATIENCE to the equation, then you can STILL FAIL. Patience is MORE THAN persistence. Patience covers the entire prospect of our lives. It tells us that nothing worth having is obtained quickly. Usually in the process, we learn how to better USE the success we attain THROUGH the process of patience in what we are doing. There isn't a business person alive who has achieved ANY success at all, who couldn't comment on this important point and how it played a part in their success. Ask yourself this. Do you like the idea of making $2000 a week, residual income? That is a nice income that ANYONE could live on. OK, now ask yourself, "What am I willing to invest to reach that specific goal?" $2000 a week SOUNDS great, and is an exciting prospect, BUT ARE YOU WILLING TO DO WHAT IT TAKES TO REACH IT? Hope and excitement won't cut it. Positive thinking won't do it either. While "hope" is a great motivator, it is useless alone.

    Are you willing to invest a dollar and a month to reach it? Do you think that will bring it to you? How about $10 and two months? How about $100 and four months? YOU SET YOUR OWN LIMITATIONS, whether you realize it or not. Do you want to take 10 years to reach your $2000/week goal, or two? Are you willing to spend $5 dollars a month or $100? Are you willing to do all the above things to reach your goal?

    Have you ever made a plan, and followed it closely over a 6 month or years time, or have you just flown by the seat of your pants and "reacted" to events rather than direct them the way YOU want them to go? If you are serious about reaching your goal, then what are you willing to invest of yourself to reach it? There are very specific ways to achieve success. Today's technology makes possible success like never before. Are you plugged into it properly?

    If you haven't seriously considered your goal, and are willing to spend AT LEAST TWO YEARS at it, then you probably won't be successful, no matter how you think otherwise. Is two years really such a long time to achieve a $2000/week residual income? Financial independence in two years. Is that worth two years and some of your money and time? If it is, you are half way there already. If not, then you can keep dreaming, hoping and scheming all the way to the grave.

I'm sure you could come up with other "laws" of success, because these aren't the ONLY ones out there. These ARE, however, vital building blocks you NEED to implement to reach your goals. We at Pure Health Systems, in conjunction with the I-Team, Partners in Success, are dedicated to YOUR success, because IF YOU AREN'T SUCCESSFUL, WE AREN'T SUCCESSFUL. We dedicate out time and resources to supporting you in every way possible. You have NEVER experienced this kind of support from any other company or home business.

Don't take our word for it, just take a look at our web pages and take the time to educate yourself on the issues. Talk with us. If you are serious about a home business, especially one in the ever growing natural and alternative health arena, then you are AT THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME. The timing couldn't be better, and with Whole Food Health Products, you have the very real potential of achieving much more than our $2000/week scenario above. IT IS UP TO YOU. Your life is yours and YOU make the choices.

PLAN ON SUCCEEDING, OR PLAN ON FAILING. Either way, it is occurring as you read this. If you have come this far, you are probably serious about life and are willing to step out to do what you have to do to succeed. Most others who began this quest dropped out before they reached the end. They already knew all they needed to know, and weren't interested in seeking the best they could achieve.


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