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    Syntrion Product Discussion - Continued


    These medicines are made from metabolites harvested from a Candida specie. The tablet form of the medicine is called SyRegule, and the lotion form is called SyFungin.  These remedies are for eliminating fungal infection of the skin or systemic fungal infections.  Unlike the SanPharma medicine Candida, which has no direct anti-fungal effects, but instead regulates the terrain and reduces immunological overload, the Syntrion medicines actually have an anti-fungal effect.  This is noticeable as the induction of true Herxheimer reactions in patients with a moderate to high level of fungal load.

    SyFungin, as the name suggests, is for skin fungal infections.  We have found it to be effective in all sorts of fungal skin rashes, such as athlete's foot.  In Germany, tests have shown it to be effective in athlete's foot, diaper rash and other minor skin fungal infections.  It is also effective in nail-bed fungal infections, but topical use only is not adequate, as shown by a return of the toe-nail fungus when the lotion is discontinued.

    The tablets are named for their ability to regulate the fungal terrain in a gut dysbiosis.  These have been used successfully in Germany for irritable bowel syndrome and gut mucosal irritations. 

    We have found it more effective to use both the tablets and the lotion together.  However, this combination is powerful enough in effect that it can be provoking in nature.  Usually, SyRegule/SyFungin will not be provoking if the patient is first prepared with SyAllgen, SyCircue, or SyImmune, and drainage is added to the program. 

    A Herxheimer reaction refers to the malaise that results from the immune system's reaction to breakdown products of microbes that are being destroyed through the action of a medicine.  These microbial products (and here we are referring to the pathogenic microbe, not the microbes from which the remedy is produced) will themselves cause a cytokine response to be initiated. This cytokine response can result in inflammation and even fever.  Thus, even though the Syntrion remedies are all anti-inflammatory in nature, if they cause the destruction of a heavy enough load of microbes, or if they cause enough serious toxins to be released from the matrix, the result can be an increase of the inflammatory response in the patient.  The severity of this cytokine response depends on:

    1. the degree of encumbrance of the matrix.
    2. the number of unregulated pro-inflammatory influences in the patient's physiology including omega 3 to omega 6 levels in the cell membranes, homocysteine and insulin levels, anti-oxidant status, status of the liver detoxification and whether the gut is in a eubiotic or dysbiotic state.
    3. whether appropriate Pekana drainage medicines have been included in the patient's protocol.
    4. whether the Syntrion remedies have been used in the appropriate sequence.

    Usually, any problems with Herxheimer reactions will pass within several hours,
    and the patient will be better for having the microbial load removed.  If the reaction does not subside overnight, or if it is too severe for the comfort level of the patient, then either:

    1. add or change drainage remedies used
    2. reduce frequency of administration of the provoking medicine, switching initially to the use of just the tablets, or
    3. stop the potentially provoking medicine, and switch to one of the preparatory remedies. In the case of an overly exuberant reaction to SyRegule/SyFungin, the preparatory remedies would be SyAllgen or SyCircue.

    A Herxheimer reaction is different than a "download".  A download is just the
    release of toxic products from the matrix, and can always be managed by selecting appropriate Pekana medicines or adjusting their dosage.  A Herxheimer reaction relates to the release of toxic microbial products caused by the destruction of a microbe that has been infecting the body.
    The most common drainage medicines used with SyRegule/SyFungin are Mucan and Supren, closely followed by Psy-Stabil.  There seems to be a close relationship between adrenal stress, sympathetic nervous system overdrive, and chronic fungal infection.  For this reason, a true eradication of chronic fungal infection can require attention to biochemical neurotransmitter abnormalities and psycho-social factors creating undue anxiety and disproportionate existential hopelessness.

    Patients that do not tolerate the SyRegule/SyFungin, or who are overly distressed by Herxheimer reactions, should stop these medicines and use the SyAllgen instead (or possibly SyCircue) for 2 to 6 weeks to prepare them for the changes induced by breaking up of the fungal terrain.

    One interesting fact to ponder is that fungal infections avoid destruction by the immune system by producing chemicals that induce a TH2 upregulation.  In other words, they induce an allergic state in order to downregulate the immune response that would kill them.  Any time that an allergic patient is treated with good drainage medicines and avoidance of food allergens and allergy-reducing flavenoids, if you do not see good clinical change within 1 month, this should be taken as circumstantial evidence of fungal infection.  These patients will need to be treated with a combination of SyAllgen and SyRegule/SyFungin in order to defeat this strategy whereby the fungal infection evades the immune response.  Syntrion is currently conducting studies to see to what extent this synergy is measurable.

    Most patients who have chronic illness have some degree of fungal overgrowth as a component of their systemic load of toxicity and infection.  SyRegule and SyFungin offer another tool in clearing up this factor of contributory burden.


    As discussed above, certain of the Syntrion remedies are best used initially, and the others later.  The better the patient's overall state of health, the more you can just select whatever remedy fits the symptom picture, and it will work well without adverse effects.  However, for patients with a heavily burdened terrain, it is best to start with SyAllgen or SyCircue, and when these have initiated improvement, you can then go after the load of infection with SyImmune or SyRegule/SyFungin.

    SyAllgen tends to combine well with SyImmune or SyRegule.  We have not yet seen cases where other combinations tested as being appropriate using kinesiology or electrodermal screening to make that determination.

    While there will undoubtedly be cases where either the tablets or the lotion work well alone, they generally are used in combination.  If only one form is used, it is much more common to use the lotion only versus the tablet only.  When testing these medicines for effectiveness by kinesiology or electrodermal screening, it is not uncommon to see neither the tablets nor the lotion being effective, but the combination of the two testing as effective when combined.


    The applications of these remedies discussed in this article are based on initial impressions from the medicines given to relatively small populations of patients. The early results and feedback, as well as re-exam on follow-up appointments are sufficient to cause great excitement. What we do not yet know are the fine points about remedies combinations with each other, with SanPharma and with PEKANA remedies. We are still actively discovering the subtleties that come with years of experience with a set of remedies. For that reason, please keep an open mind that our findings may change to some extent, and know that we will continue to publish updates about the practical aspects of working with the Syntrion remedies.

    Technical and hard scientific information about specific effects being observed in the cell line experiments will continue to be published in the USA by BioResource. The small pilot studies in Germany are leading to larger studies as various clinics are understanding the potential that these medicines have, and subjecting the Syntrion remedies to scrutiny on larger groups of patients.

    Meanwhile, we have already experienced enhanced clinical success, and so we offer our initial impressions to you.

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