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heavy metal removal

NDF™ Plus!


N D F-Plus (Nanocolloidal Detox Factors™ Plus fulvic acid complexes and concentrates)
Independent Laboratory and Clinical Findings1, and 2 tell the truth about NDF™ Heavy Metal and Chemical Detox

Heavy Metal removal product NDF-Plus contains NDF™ plus fulvic acid complexes and concentrates of probiotic predigested drainage and support ingredients. The fulvic acid serves to restore the electrical potential of the system and allow utilization of the ingredients. NDF-Plus also contains live probiotics for enhanced nutritional support. NDF-Plus can produce the same heavy metal elimination effects as NDF, as substantiated by independent laboratory findings.

Real Time EEG Study

NDF-Plus has been included into the beginning of an independent study of the impact of NDF™ and other substances on brain waves with real time digital EEG. So far we have seen that NDF-Plus crosses the blood brain barrier, showing an elevation of the voltages of all brain waves within 5 minutes following oral administration of 5 drops in a 210 lb. male, age 56, with chronic heavy metal toxicity, and has been tested to last for at least four hours. Therefore, NDF-Plus may cause mild agitation in patients who do not have a ‘low battery focus', for whom it is not intended.


NDF-Plus is made from certified organic, raw, whole foods. It is not fractionated or synthesized.

2 milliliters (2 droppers full or 52 drops) contain:

  • .5 mls. (25% total volume) Fulvic Acid complexes and concentrates of PolyFlor™ predigested chlorella, cilantro, agaricus blazei (himmematzutake), ganoderma lucidum (reishi), cordyceps sinensis, milk thistle seeds, horsetail and contains Live PolyFlor™.
  • 32.5 mgs. - Nanocolloidal cell wall decimated Chlorella Pyrenoidosa.
  • .08 mls. - Nanocolloidal Cilantro.
  • 6.5 mgs. - Nanocolloidal *PolyFlor™: complex ferments, cell wall lysates and enzymes from beneficial bacteria including: Bacteriocins, hyaluronic Acid, naturally occurring vitamin B complex, super oxide dismutase, lipoic acid, fulvic acid, succinic acid, cell wall lipopolysaccharide-glycopeptide complexes, and whole peptydil glycans.
  • 75 mgs/liter nanocolloidal Silica.
  • Grain neutral spirits 20% as a preservative.
  • Vitae - LivingWater™ delivery system.
  • bioPhoton Excitation Process™.
*PolyFlor™ microorganisms include: 12 strains of lactobacillus (including casei, acidophilus, salivarius, bulgaricus, sporogones and plantarum), 3 strains bifidobacterium including longum and bifidum, streptococcus thermophilus, b. subtilis, b. laterosporus, and saccaromyces boulardii.

Patient Profile

In general, the patient for whom NDF-Plus is intended will be weakened, mentally dull, and chronically ill with a history of heavy metal or radiation toxicity. They will also tell you that no matter what they take or eat, it makes them feel worse. They have usually been to several practitioners and have seen no improvements.

This patient can be difficult to detect because a mixed (both high and low amperage) battery patient can have been chronically ill and present with extreme fatigue and dullness, depending on where the deficiencies are. A LBF patient can present with wide eyes and mental acuteness if they are used to driving a fatigued body with mental intention. The nervousness of an ADD child could mask a severe and pervasive underlying deficiency.

If you do not have access to in vivo testing methods yet, you can simply give the patient a minimum dose (1 drop), wait 10 minutes, and ask them how they feel. Because NDF-Plus crosses the blood brain barrier so quickly and is therefore felt very quickly, you will get feedback in about 5 minutes. If they feel nervous or agitated, have them drink 8 oz. of reverse osmosis or distilled water every hour until they feel better. They will feel better by the next urination. Then switch to NDF™ because it has a calming effect on theta waves. Another way to approach this is to give a minimum dose (6 drops) of NDF™ and wait 20 minutes. If they feel worse in any way, switch to NDF-Plus.

General Adult Dosing Information:

Children and Sensitive Individuals: Start with 1 drop per day in 4 - 6 ounces of filtered water or juice once (1x) a day in the morning. Increase by 1 drop every 3 - 4 days, as tolerated. Work up to 26 drops twice (2x) a day.

Adults: 3 - 6 drops in 6 - 8 oz of filtered water twice (2x) a day. Increase intake by 6 drops every other day until intake is 52 drops twice (2x) a day. Stay hydrated with lemon and water. Ensure bowels are moving daily.

(NOTE: The recommend program for serious heavy metal or chemical issues is a 3 months program. To get to the maximum dosage of 52 drops twice a day, it will take a little over 6 ozs of NDF/NDF Plus and 11 weeks at the regular dosage. Depending on how you test out or feel after this point will determine whether you should continue at this level for 2-4 weeks. Once the issues have been dealt with, we recommend a 1 oz program at least once per year to help remove any buildup in the system).

You don't want to detox the heavy metals or chemicals too quickly as this can make you quite uncomfortable, however, for those who are not overly sensitive, you can adjust this dosage up to speed up the ramping process. A good rule of thumb is to go at least one week with the normal schedule. On day 8, you could jump the dosage up 2-3 days and see how you feel. Continue ramping up for three days, and then try another jump up 2-3 days. If you run into problems or discomfort, back down to the previous level where you had no problems. Example - on day 8, you could go to the day or day 11 dosage of 10 or 11 drops twice a day that day, then to 11 or 12 drops twice a day on day 9 of you program. On day 10, you could jump to 14-15 drops, etc. As long as you don't experience any adverse affects, continue this faster schedule. NOTE: if you know you are loaded with heavy metals or chemicals, it might be safer and more comfortable to remain at the regular dosage schedule. if you have any reservations, contact your health care provider.

Day 1, 1 drop twice a day
Day 2, 2 drops twice a day
Day 3, 3 drops twice a day
Day 4, 4 drops twice a day
Day 5, 5 drops twice a day
Day 6, 6 drops twice a day
Day 7, 7 drops twice a day
Day 8, 8 drops twice a day
Day 9, 9 drops twice a day
Day 10, 10 drops twice a day
Day 20, 20 drops twice a day
Day 30, 30 drops twice a day

Alcohol Sensitivity: Put the dose in a glass and pour boiling water on it, just to cover it, wait a couple of seconds then add room temp drinking water and take the dose. Boiling water does not destroy NDF's properties, but you can not let it sit like that for a day as it is a real food and will go bad.

Please note: When we have any patients ask us about using NDF™ or NDF™ Plus during pregnancy or while breast feeding our blanket statement is that it is "not recommended." The reason for this is that NDF™ has not had research or clinical studies done on it to determine the impact NDF™ could potentially have on the fetus and therefore we do not advise use during gestation or while breast feeding.

Please Note: Any effective detox protocol can interfere with the effectiveness of certain pharmaceutical drugs, even removing them from your system, since they are a chemical. To minimize this activity, consult your health practitioner in scheduling your meds. You should take NDF™ first thing in the morning, allow 2 urinations, and then take your meds to minimize elimination of the drug.

Independent Laboratory and Clinical Findings1, and 2 tell the truth about NDF™ Heavy Metal and Chemical Detox

NDF™ Plus: 1 oz, $79.95

NDF, NDF™ Plus: 4, 1 oz bulk special - $309.95

NDF, NDF™ Plus: 1, 4 oz bottle - 289.95

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